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Neuro-ID launches ‘prescriptive analytics’ solution using behavioural biometrics 13 June 2017

Neuro-ID, a provider of prescriptive analytics for the risk industry, has announced the commercial  availablility of its Neuro Confidence Score solution.

South African scientists develop 'cognitive' ID tech 02 June 2017

A team of researchers at South Africa’s aiThenticate Computervision Labs have developed a new authentication system using a ‘simulation of human cognition’.

Next Biometrics announces interim Q1 results 24 May 2017
Norwegian fingerprint solutions firm Next Biometrics has reported a rise in revenues from NOK 5.2 million (US$600,000) to NOK 24.1 million in the first quarter last year.

South African research organisation develops biometric child registration system 22 May 2017

South Africa’s Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), a government backed research and development organisation, has developed a multimodal registration system for children.


EAB launches pan-European research consortium

A pan-European consortium that aims to foster links between the region’s academia, industry players and governments for better biometrics innovation was officially inaugurated in London yesterday.

EAB Contribution to Horizon 2020 consultations

An outline of some key research priorities and objectives are presented as input to the preliminary consultations surrounding the theme of Trustworthy ICT within the Horizon 2020 programme.

Automated Personal Identification

This book is a rare and exciting find in the US Library of Congress. It is one of the very earliest analyses of automated personal identity technology and was written at the birth of what we now know as the modern biometrics industry. Despite being written in 1974, the authors saw with impressive clarity many of the issues that remain today as some of the most difficult problems to solve.

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