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South Australian police report face recognition progress 20 February 2017

Police in South Australia say that face recognition has proved such a useful boost in crime-fighting efforts, that it will now also be used to find missing people.

Face recognition could help save trafficked lemurs 20 February 2017

Technology developed to identify human faces is being adapted to help tackle the illegal trade in lemurs.

Apple buys Israeli face recognition company 20 February 2017

US tech firm Apple has reportedly purchased an Israeli biometric company called RealFace, ramping up speculation that the next iPhone will use face recognition.

Fujitsu solution secures the IOT with biometric smartphones 16 February 2017

Japanese tech firm Fujitsu has announced the development of a technology that adds biometric security to through IoT devices using   biometrics on smartphones and near-field wireless.

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World Bank, Accenture outline universal ID vision for developing nations

ID solutions firm Accenture and the World Bank have published a study into how universal ID and biometrics can foster financial inclusion and improve vital services in developing countries.

Feature: Mobile identity and unlocking the DNA of trust

For financial service providers this  presents significant opportunities to better engage with customers in a much more personalised way, 

British MPs ‘alarmed’ at police using biometric data

A British parliamentary committee tasked with looking into the implications of biometric technology has recommended that the government strengthen regulations on testing and privacy. 

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Cognitec Systems - The Face Recognition Company Cognitec develops market-leading face recognition technologies and applications for customers and government agencies around the world, with products for database search, video screening, border control, and photo capturing/quality assessment.
Speed Identity Speed Identity is an innovative Swedish technology company supplying integrated biometric data capture solutions. The new Speed Capture G3 is the first cross-functional form factor.
SITA SITA's iBorders Border Management integrates biographic and biometric passenger data from across the global air transport industry (ATI) to help authorities efficiently conduct risk analysis and identity verification of inbound and outbound travelers at the main steps of their journey.

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