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Daniel Tu joins autonomous_ID 20 August 2018

Daniel Tu, former group chief innovation officer of Ping An Insurance, has joined the Ottawa-based technology group autonomous_ID as executive advisor to the chairman, Todd Gray.

UIDAI to deploy face recognition system 20 August 2018

India's unique ID body, the Unique Identification Authority of India says it wants to tackle fingerprint spoofing by adding face authentication.

EyeLock patent envisions privacy protection at network level 17 August 2018

Iris security firm EyeLock has reported that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued U.S. patent No. 100,009,178 B2, to the company, adding to the company's IP portfolio, according to a press release.

Fingerprint sensor features in new Blackberry 17 August 2018

Sweden's Fingerprints has revealed that Optiemus Infracom has said Blackberry’s two new models, Evolve and Evolve X, will use Fingerprints’ touch sensor FPC1028.


Guest Post: Face recognition and the philosophical, societal and legal debate

When using real-time facial recognition to secure spaces, we are clearly touching on surveillance-related issues that could infringe on our privacy

Guest Post: Right person, right place, right time

‘Silent authentication’ set to be the next generation of eCommerce delivery, based on behavioural biometrics and machine learning

Guest post: Digital driver’s licences offer route to a secure future

A DDL can securely store and selectively display lots of different information, making it a great platform for other identity verification needs.

Guest Post: From frictionless to the right amount of friction

There are times when we need friction in order to keep us, our data or our finances secure.

Guest blog: Passwords are dead, now what?

When choosing the right biometrics method, it’s important to consider first what information is being secured and how your end-users operate.

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