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Italy and the US will share database of terrorists' fingerprints 20 October 2017

Senior officials from Italy and the US have signed an agreement that allows for the fingerprints of suspected terrorists to be shared.

Precise Biometrics launches solution for biometric payment cards 20 October 2017

Sweden's Precise Biometrics has launched a new fingerprint software solution for biometric payment cards.

Xiaomi launches fingerprint sensor door-lock 20 October 2017

Chinese tech firm Xiaomi has launched an IoT door-lock featuring a fingerprint sensor.

Next Biometrics to pass 3 million fingerprint sensors shipped 19 October 2017

Norwegian biometrics company Next Biometrics is readying to ship its 3 millionth fingerprint sensor this week.

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NXP launches 'world’s thinnest' contactless chip module 18 October 2017

NXP Semiconductors has unveiled a new, ultra-thin contactless chip module designed for passports and identity cards.

Kuwait to introduce fingerprint system for imams 18 October 2017

Kuwait officials have confirm the country will deploy a fingerprint attendance system for imams (prayer leaders) and muezzins (mosque criers), according to the decision of Civil Service Commission (CSC).

ImageWare Systems debuts GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite for IBM 18 October 2017

Biometrics firm ImageWare Systems has announced it will demonstrate the new product GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite for IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM) at  an upcoming trade show.

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World Bank, Accenture outline universal ID vision for developing nations

ID solutions firm Accenture and the World Bank have published a study into how universal ID and biometrics can foster financial inclusion and improve vital services in developing countries.

Blog: A guide for banks in choosing biometric systems

Banks must consider factors such as performance, usability, regulation and security when selecting biometric solutions.

Can biometrics help with Europe’s migrant problem?

The European Union’s plans to use biometrics to identify a flood of migrants arriving in the continent are raising questions over how much “proportionate coercion” will be deemed acceptable in gathering fingerprint data.

Mobile identity and wearables: You are what you wear

Traditional single factor or multi-factor authentication solutions are neither convenient nor secure enough in a world where common authentication methods are needed across a wide range of endpoint devices. 

British MPs ‘alarmed’ at police using biometric data

A British parliamentary committee tasked with looking into the implications of biometric technology has recommended that the government strengthen regulations on testing and privacy. 

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