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Korean bank to deploy palm vein recognition 26 May 2017

South Korea’s KB Kookmin Bank, the country’s largest by net profit and number of users, is bringing palm-vein recognition to its brick-and-mortar branches and ATMs.

Thailand to require biometrics for pre-paid SIMs in restive south 26 May 2017

New mobile customers in Thailand southern regions, home to a restive separatist movement, will now have to supply biometric data event to purchase pre-paid SIM cards.

US lawmaker seek feedback on cities’ face recognition use 26 May 2017

A US congressman has written to 10 cities seeking documents relating to the use of facial recognition equipment in their jurisdictions.

Applied Recognition granted US patent for ‘Face Recognition and Mirroring’ 26 May 2017

Biometrics and identity solutions firm Applied Recognition has announced the award of a patent for detecting and using faces in images.


Guest blog: Physical attributes versus behavioural patterns – The privacy debate

There are several factors companies must consider before relying on physical biometric technology to authenticate users in an online environment

Iris solution helps refugees glimpse a brighter future

In Jordan, a biometrics-backed project launched by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is helping Syrian refugees lead a normal life.  

World Bank, Accenture outline universal ID vision for developing nations

ID solutions firm Accenture and the World Bank have published a study into how universal ID and biometrics can foster financial inclusion and improve vital services in developing countries.

Feature: Smartphone security – It’s all in the eyes

Iris scanners are increasingly becoming a key focus for mobile device manufacturers as they look for that convenient and secure method to make sure users can keep their devices protected. 

Feature: Mobile identity and unlocking the DNA of trust

For financial service providers this  presents significant opportunities to better engage with customers in a much more personalised way, 

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