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Analyst sees Android OEMs turning to 3D face tech 09 October 2017

An influential analyst has said Android OEMs should emulate Apple's Face ID tech. debuts 'unphishable' security keys 12 September 2017

Digital ID firm has announced the ability to use FIDO U2F (Universal Second Factor) Security Keys as an extra layer of authentication for its identity proofing services. 

Caradigm and RightPatient partner on biometric healthcare solutions 30 August 2017

Biometric patient identity firm RightPatient today announced a new partnership with Caradigm, a healthcare company that offers identity and access management solutions.

Brits prefer biometrics for banking 24 July 2017

British people look to security measures more than rates when choosing banks, and biometrics is their preferred authentication method, finds a new survey.

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US border security at the heart of connect:ID 2017

Border security in the USA is about to undergo major change in the wake of President Trump’s election to office, with land, sea, and air borders set to be shaken up with a raft of new or revitalized policies

Sumitomo Mitsui pushing forward with biometric ID venture

Japan’s Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group will send its application for a biometric ID system to the financial watchdog this week.

Indian firm trials biometric blood bank management system

A tech startup in India is piloting a system that links a person’s biometrics to their blood donation records, to prevent contamination and other issues.

Beijing temple turns face recognition on toilet paper thieves

A temple in Beijing has installed a face recognition device to ensure that no one takes more than their fair share of toilet paper.

Fingerprint tech used to secure clinical trials

Clinical research solutions firm Celerion has implemented biometric tech to ensure the identities of people undertaking the trials it organises.

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Waving goodbye to queues with your fingerprint?

Advanced optical biometric devices that read fingerprints at walking speed, as users wave their hands through scanners, promise to resolve speed issues raised by previous biometric authentication methods. But experts caution that it may not be so straightforward.

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