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Applied Recognition granted US patent for ‘Face Recognition and Mirroring’ 26 May 2017

Biometrics and identity solutions firm Applied Recognition has announced the award of a patent for detecting and using faces in images.

House members call for more action on visa overstayers 25 May 2017

US lawmakers have called for more to be done on visa overstayers in the wake of a report that found that 629,000 people overstayed their visas in fiscal 2016.

Samsung responds to iris scanner hack 25 May 2017

South Korean tech giant Samsung has said told industry media that a successful spoofing of its iris scanner last week would be very hard to replicate without special materials and technology.

AuthenticID launches card not present authentication solution 25 May 2017

Identity solutions firm AuthenticID has announced the introduction of an expansion of its CatfishAIR Identity Platform to provide real-time identity authorization for payment card transactions.

Face recognition startup targets the social scene 25 May 2017

AI firm Blippar has developed a face recognition solution that raises the possibility of searching for information on anyone simply using an image taken by a smartphone.

US rights body calls for end to DMV face recognition 25 May 2017

The Vermont chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union has said that the states’s driving and vehicle authorities should no longer user face recognition, because it violates privacy norms.

Northrop Grumman selects Crossmatch for UK fingerprint enrolment upgrade 24 May 2017
Biometric identity management and secure authentication solutions company Crossmatch has revealed that Northrop Grumman has selected its tech to upgrade the current criminal booking solution for the UK Home Office Forensic and Biometric Interim Capability program (FABrIC).

British are bullish about biometric banking, finds report 24 May 2017
A global survey on biometric authentication for banking, conducted by the bank HSBC, has found that while many are still unaware or suspicious of the technology’s benefits, Brits are the most open to biometrics.

India makes biometrics compulsory in e-govt programmes 24 May 2017
The Indian government has released new e-govt guidelines that make biometrics a compulsory authentication factor.

Australian research body develops new gait technique 24 May 2017
Researchers at Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation have developed a new method of using gait for both authentication and powering wearables.

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Apple Pay - What do we know? 23 September 2014

In this paper, independent transaction security experts UL describe what is known about Apple Pay in both a technical and organizational context, as well as what questions still remain to be answered. 

What is the Apex Air Entry and Exit Re-Engineering project? 03 July 2014

A question and answer session designed to answer questions about the Apex Air Entry/Exit Re-Engineering (AEER) project and its integration of biometrics

iPhone 5S: heralding a paradigm shift? 27 November 2013

In drafting this statement, the EAB seeks to offer the suppliers of mobile devices, service operators and the user a perspective on how to assess this kind of technology - and in particular its security and usability.

EAB Contribution to Horizon 2020 consultations 01 October 2013

An outline of some key research priorities and objectives are presented as input to the preliminary consultations surrounding the theme of Trustworthy ICT within the Horizon 2020 programme.

Intelligence and Efficiency through On-Demand Media Analysis using Face Recognition 01 August 2013

The accuracy of face recognition has increased dramatically over the past 10 years. This, coupled with the massive increase in the creation of digital media and the availability of cheap computing, now provides authorities with the ability to bulk ingest and process media in an automated fashion. Carl Gohringer, one of Planet Biometrics' Expert Panel members reports.

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DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbH The German software company is a global market leader in biometric solutions. With products ranging from high-tech AFIS and border control systems to the most secure identity card in the world.
Cognitec Systems - The Face Recognition Company Cognitec develops market-leading face recognition technologies and applications for customers and government agencies around the world, with products for database search, video screening, border control, and photo capturing/quality assessment.
SITA SITA’s iBorders biometric identification solutions provides real-time identification and biometric identity assurance for secure self-service border crossing facilities.
Speed Identity Speed Identity is an innovative Swedish technology company supplying integrated biometric data capture solutions. The new Speed Capture G3 is the first cross-functional form factor.
FotoNation Limited FotoNation Ltd supplies development tools, software and expertise to help customers to build iris recognition products. In particular, FotoNation has reference designs, optimised software and camera solutions for mobile smart phone products, including 2MPx and 8MPx cameras with full acquisition workflow and easy user experience.

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