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ZorroSign integrates mobile biometrics and eSignatures 27 October 2017

eSignature developer ZorroSign has announced that users can now authenticate their electronically signed documents using biometrics and their mobile devices.

iSign International adds to advisory board 21 August 2017

Biometric signature firm iSign International has strengthened its board of advisors.

SDW 2017 sees attendee numbers soar to new record 20 July 2017

Leading next-generation government and citizen ID event SDW 2017 has revealed year-on-year growth in visitorship of 6%, and a record level of conference attendees.

Mobile driving licences coming into sharp focus at connect:ID 2017 20 April 2017

A coming shift towards mobile or digital driving licences that many expect will occur in the next decade – or sooner – will have major ramifications for the identity industry.

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