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Apple, Foxconn reportedly facing iPhone X production issues 23 October 2017

Representatives from Apple and Foxconn reportedly to meet over iPhone X production issues related to its face recognition technology.

Nursing employee to sue over biometrics 23 October 2017

An employee from a skilled nursing and rehab center in Illinois is taking his employer to court over mandatory fingerprint scans he says violate a state privacy law.

San Francisco 49ers secure Idemia partnership 23 October 2017

The National Football League’s (NFL) San Francisco 49ers have announced a new multi-year partnership with identity solutions firm Idemia (formerly OT-Morpho).

IDEX enters agreement with global payment provider 23 October 2017

Norwegian biometric firm Idex has announced that the company has signed an agreement with its major global payment partner.

Italy and the US will share database of terrorists' fingerprints 20 October 2017

Senior officials from Italy and the US have signed an agreement that allows for the fingerprints of suspected terrorists to be shared.

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