UIDAI and Biometrics in Developing Nations

This In Focus page looks at the impressive growth in number of innovative identity projects in developing nations, such as India's UIDAI scheme. Check back here for news, features and interviews with the leading players in the market.

Latest News Headlines

Biometrics handed role in US$300 m Bangladesh nutrition plan 10 February 2015

The World Bank has given Bangladesh a US$300 million loan to implement a biometrics-backed welfare programme 

India’s biometric voter card plan takes shape 09 February 2015

India’s Election Commission plans to link new voter identity cards with the biometrics-backed Aadhar id number.

Indian payment body eyeing biometric banking future 05 February 2015

The National Payments Corporation of India has released specifications that aim to create a payment structure that combines smart phones and biometric authentication.

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Indian state launches biometric identity project with Microsoft 28 January 2015

Maharashtra state has launched a digital identity project with Microsoft India that will consolidate welfare schemes that linked to biometric "Aadhaar" ID numbers.

Indian navy to deploy biometric security devices 15 January 2015

India’s navy and coast guard are deploying mobile biometric security devices to check the identity cards of residents in coastal areas.

Aadhaar architect foresees iris scanners on smartphones 07 January 2015

Budget smartphones using iris scanners could become an important authentication tool for India’s biometric Aadhar unique ID numbers, says the project’s architect.

Biometrics boosting Indian government’s productivity 06 January 2015

There has been a significant rise in attendance among Indian civil servants since a biometric time-keeping scheme was introduced last year.

Ghana launches upgrade of biometric passport systerm 19 December 2014

West African country Ghana has revealed plans to upgrade its biometric passports to also include microchips.

West African bloc to launch biometric travel card in 2016 15 December 2014

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has revealed plans for a biometrics-backed ID card that will be launched for internal travel in 2016.

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Latest features

Holding ghosts accountable: Biometrics bring greater transparency to African public sector

The insidious nature of corruption presents a formidable obstacle for the improvement of any society. One of the more nuanced forms of corruption occurs through the employment of “ghost workers. But biometrics is being successfuly used to help eliminate the problem.

India boldly takes biometrics where no country has gone before

Here is an in-depth overview of how well biometric technology is performing in India's UID project. And, more crucially, it explains why performance is so good?


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Kenya Commercial Bank gains biometric welfare card contract

Financial services provider Kenya Commercial Bank has won a contract to roll out a US$328 million biometrics-backed welfare scheme on behalf of the Kenyan government. 

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