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This In Focus page looks at the impressive growth in number of innovative identity projects in developing nations. Check back here for news, features and interviews with the leading players in the market.

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Biometric attendance scheme to clock in for India’s officials 23 September 2014

India's IT secretary says a biometrics-based system that tracks the attendance of government employees in real time will become fully operational this month.

Indian biometrics market projected to reach USD2.7 billion by 2019 23 September 2014

There is more to biometrics in India than the national ID project, according to Research and Markets, with demand for security solutions also playing a big role.

Nigeria’s central bank sets 2015 biometrics deadline 22 September 2014

Nigeria is stepping up the use of biometrics to prevent banking fraud and streamline its financial system, with all central bank customers to be registered by next June.

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Sri Lanka aims to quell fingerprint phobia for eID cards 04 September 2014

A growing phobia surrounding the use of fingerprints in the upcoming national eID card scheme has led to the government attempting to quell concerns.

Warid Telecom rolls out biometric-based SIM activation across Pakistan 02 September 2014

Warid Telecom has expanded its biometric verification solutions (BVS) network throughout Pakistan, ensuring that its customers are biometrically verified before a SIM card can be activated against their name.

Video: Nigeria's biometric-based eID project 02 September 2014

Representatives from the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) in Nigeria give an inspiring overview of the Nigerian eID project - and the National Identity Management System (NIMS).

MasterCard-branded eID card formally launched in Nigeria 01 September 2014

One of Africa’s most ambitious financial inclusion and biometric identity verification projects is to be rolled out to more than 100 million Nigerians.

Kenya introduces fingerprinting to clean up public servant numbers 01 September 2014

A massive rationalisation of public service employees in Kenya has begun today – at both the national and county levels – using fingerprint biometrics to weed out potential “ghost workers”.

Indian biometric market heats up 28 August 2014

New research has found that biometric systems are gaining acceptance in India with more than 350,000 iris and fingerprint units being shipped in the year to June 2014.

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Latest features

Holding ghosts accountable: Biometrics bring greater transparency to African public sector

The insidious nature of corruption presents a formidable obstacle for the improvement of any society. One of the more nuanced forms of corruption occurs through the employment of “ghost workers. But biometrics is being successfuly used to help eliminate the problem.

India boldly takes biometrics where no country has gone before

Here is an in-depth overview of how well biometric technology is performing in India's UID project. And, more crucially, it explains why performance is so good?


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