UIDAI and Biometrics in Developing Nations

This In Focus page looks at the impressive growth in number of innovative identity projects in developing nations, such as India's UIDAI scheme. Check back here for news, features and interviews with the leading players in the market.

Latest News Headlines

Malaysia to introduce biometric screening ‘at every border’ 26 November 2014

Senior Malaysian officials have said facial and iris recognition systems will be installed at all of the country's entry and exit points. 

British lord takes charge of new election tech firm 24 November 2014

Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, a Labour peer and veteran diplomat, is taking charge of a new London-based election technology firm that will become a parent company for Smartmatic.

Sri Lankan police: Home made AFIS system working well 24 November 2014

Senior Sri Lankan police say an Automated Finger Print Identification System developed domestically has identified 21,000 criminals in just eight months of operation.

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Chinese firms make imprint on fingerprint sensor market 21 November 2014

Chinese fingerprint sensor firms are benefiting from rising orders by domestic smartphone manufacturers.

Biometric voting system hailed in the Solomon Islands 20 November 2014

Senior officials, polling staff and international media have said a biometric voting system used for a first time this week in the Solomon Islands’ general election has worked well.

Biometrics help Kenya hunt out 12,500 'ghost workers' 19 November 2014

Kenya has stopped the salaries of 12,500 employees who failed to show up following a biometric registration exercise.

Pakistan turns to biometrics for banking 18 November 2014

Pakistan’s central bank has signed an agreement with the national database authority on biometric technology for identity verification.

India makes biometrics mandatory for passports 11 November 2014

Only Indians who have enrolled for the biometrics-based Aadhaar unique ID number will be able to apply for passports under a new application system.

S African social grant tender throws spotlight on biometrics 10 November 2014

Two years into its implementation, a major biometrics-backed South African welfare plan has been impacted by legal issues surrounding the original tender.

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Latest features

Holding ghosts accountable: Biometrics bring greater transparency to African public sector

The insidious nature of corruption presents a formidable obstacle for the improvement of any society. One of the more nuanced forms of corruption occurs through the employment of “ghost workers. But biometrics is being successfuly used to help eliminate the problem.

India boldly takes biometrics where no country has gone before

Here is an in-depth overview of how well biometric technology is performing in India's UID project. And, more crucially, it explains why performance is so good?


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