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Enter the era of biometric cards
Spain's DPA on biometric misunderstandings
Next's CEO on the future for fingerprints
Face recognition: the societal debate
Secunet on kiosk systems in border control
The route to digital driving licences
Financial security vs the customer experience

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IDnow welcomes Bundesnetzagentur decision 07 April 2021

The decision of Bundesnetzagentur to allow AI (artificial intelligence) based identification methods for new use cases in Germany is a turning point , said the company.

Vaxtrac Coalition adds members 07 April 2021

Vaxtrac Coalition founding members Allied Identity and SICPA announced additional members.

IDEMIA’s facial recognition ranked #1 in NIST’s FRVT Test 06 April 2021

IDEMIA’s facial recognition 1:N algorithm achieved best for accuracy in the latest Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)1.

Microsoft, AU10TIX partner on verifiable credentials 06 April 2021

 AU10TIX, a leader in automated identity verification, today announced that it is partnering with Microsoft for the rollout of Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) verifiable credentials

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Fingerprints and Fime note Mastercard approval of T-Shape 2 sensor module 06 April 2021

Fingerprint Cards and Fime have collaborated to achieve compliance with Mastercard’s Reference Specifications for Fingerprints’ latest T-Shape sensor module and software platform for biometric payment cards.

Suprema's face recognition device integrated with Nedap AEOS 01 April 2021

Suprema, a leader in access control, biometrics and time & attendance solutions, shared partner testimonials about its security controller CoreStation that helps facilitate building multi-credential access control systems.

b.well and Mastercard Partner on digital health ID 01 April 2021

 b.well Connected Health has announced a partnership with Mastercard to provide individuals a simpler and more secure way to prove their identity online and in-person when accessing healthcare services. 

Iris ID’s IrisTime iT100 used with time and attendance platform 01 April 2021

Iris ID, a global leader in iris recognition technology for over 20 years, announced Rockford, Ill.-based Information Controls Inc. has integrated its TimeTerminal time clock app to work with the IrisTime iT100,

CyberLink releases new FaceMe security 31 March 2021

CyberLink, a pioneer in AI and facial recognition technologies, today announced significant enhancements to FaceMe Security

GBT files face, body patent 31 March 2021

GBT Technologies filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office a nonprovisional patent for systems and methods of facial and body recognition identification and analysis

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Company Spotlights

Company Spotlight: Cognitec Systems

Cognitec is the only company worldwide that has worked exclusively on face recognition technology since its inception in 2002.

Company spotlight: ID R&D

In this interview, Planet Biometrics spoke to Konstantin Simonchik, CTO and co-founder of ID R&D, about the company’s history, aspirations, and its position on future biometrics trends.

Company Spotlight: Next Biometrics

Planet Biometrics talks to Next Biometrics CEO Ritu Favre.

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Guest Posts

Mobile Identity Checks by Fingerprinting

Recent advances in mobile and fingerprint capture technologies are making truly independent mobile identity checks in the field possible and will play an important role in the daily routine of law enforcement agencies. 


Guest Post: nVIAsoft on their biometric solution

Cybersecurity and Identity Access Management (IAM) market leaders are seeking new means of securing identities.

Size matters: why bigger is better when it comes to the biometric fingerprint sensor

Whilst there is no denying the fingerprint biometric smart card is reaching its inflection point, one barrier to mass market adoption is the cost of the sensors needed to take each person’s biometric fingerprint data.

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