Former met chief calls for body-worn biometric cameras
04 March 2019 14:33 GMT

Former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord Bernard Hogan-Howe, today stated stop and search should be improved by the use of live facial-recognition enabled body worn cameras, because the technology police currently use is in the ‘dark ages’. 


In response, please find comments from Zak Doffman, CEO of UK-based Digital Barriers, the world’s only company able to offer proven live facial recognition on a body-worn camera to police that is fully operational and deployable:

“Body-worn cameras have already seen mass adoption within policing, and facial recognition is the obvious next step for how we can enhance modern frontline policing.

Stop-and-search is an immensely effective tactic that can take weapons off the street and lead to the arrests of those in possession. However, it’s important that it be used in a targeted fashion and that any searches have appropriate justification. Facial recognition enables a live identity confirmation so that known offenders and persons of interest can be quickly identified. It also builds in an additional safeguard against racial bias as policies can be set to prevent officers searching those not identified against an existing watchlist.

It is this kind of safeguarding that will help prompt broader adoption.”


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