GenKey announces new version of ABIS system
19 March 2019 16:57 GMT

GenKey, a provider of biometric identification solutions, today announced a new release of its ABIS system designed for small and large-scale identification and deduplication. This latest release introduces new biometric algorithms powering the new ABIS match engine leading to a substantial increase in speed and accuracy as compared previous versions of ABIS. 

The new biometric algorithms have  improved feature extraction and processing leading to a lower failure-to-enrol and hence to a higher number of available fingers per subject.  Mark Hetherington, Head R&D at GenKey, said:“Having more information available per subject makes it possible to more accurately compare subjects leading to an overall higher accuracy in the identification and deduplication processes in ABIS.”

The accuracy of the new ABIS release is improved by more than a factor ten and the identification and deduplication speed are significantly increased leading to lower hardware requirements when using ABIS for large populations.

ABIS 4.0 also comes with substantial functional updates. For example, the new release can replicate the internal ABIS database real-time to different replica databases, e.g. Postgres and Oracle facilitating making backups of the ABIS data without disturbing the running ABIS system.

Michiel Loeff, CEO of GenKey, stated that:“To continue creating value for our customers, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of innovation and performance. This new release strengthens our reputation as the provider of an industry-leading ABIS system designed to overcome the challenges associated with various enrolment, identification, and verification processes in developing countries”.

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