Yoti partners with FaceTec
25 March 2019 17:54 GMT

Yoti – a leader in digital identity management – has announced its partnership with FaceTec and has integrated Facetec’s ZoOm Authentication with liveness detection to enhance the security of the company’s digital identity offerings and give it anti-spoofing capabilities, keeping Yoti ahead of the curve in against its competitors.

FaceTec is a leader in providing liveness detection for its award-winning biometric authentication solution, ZoOm, designed for mobile and web applications. ZoOm is considered to be the first and only ‘unphishable’ and ‘unsharable’ biometric modality (the only biometric solution to achieve a perfect level-1 and level-2 anti-spoofing results in iBeta presentation attack detention testing) and provides a layer of impenetrable protection for businesses and their customers.