Home Office launches RFI for biometric ID system
28 March 2019 14:15 GMT

The UK's Home Office has launched an RFI for the MobileID system.

MobileID is part of the Home Office Biometrics (HOB) Program and will provide a gateway into IDENT1, the national fingerprints database and IABS, the immigration database using a fingerprint scanner and an Android smartphone.

The software is provided by the force’s existing frontline workflow software application. This will enable officers to scan a fingerprint whilst out in the field and interrogate either of the 2 previously mentioned databases, live, and within a few seconds. (This is subject to the availability of 3/4G or WIFI connectivity) If a match is found, the results are returned and the officer has reliable information to inform their next steps.

Currently, if an officer suspects the person has given a false identity the person will probably have to be taken to a custody suite for fingerprints to be taken using LIVESCAN equipment. In the region of 200 – 300 scanners. It is envisaged that they will not be personal issue, but will be shared.

The likelihood is that they will be kept in marked vehicles for use as needed. Subject to the approval of the business case, procurement will be in May/June 2019. Should Nottinghamshire Police choose to procure scanners other than those already in operation with our mobile workflow application, the scanner supplier will be required to provide an API to our software supplier.

For more details see here.

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