PanPacific International to unveil biometric beer vending machine
23 April 2019 15:57 GMT

American Green spin-out subsidiary, PanPacific International announced that The SmartPan Pro Beverage Dispenser, a beer vending machine with age restricted biometric age verification, will be on display this month. 

The product is competing in the category of “Best New Product in the Vending/Dispensing Equipment & Business Services, Kiosk Technology” category, a People’s Choice award at the NAMA One Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV on April 24th - 26th.

Eleven companies are competing in this category, with a wide array of exciting new technology on display. Come cast your vote for the SmartPan Pro Beverage Dispenser beer vending machine with biometric age verification! Drop by, say “hello” and see this amazing machine at Booth 1446.

Over the last two years, PanPacific International has continued to improve and enhance its vending technology, based on field testing and customer feedback, and is now ready to unveil the best Age Restricted Dispensing System on the market today. The SmartPan Pro model uses ultra-accurate finger-vein biometrics as the consumers’ identifier to ensure that a user is of proper age to make a purchase.

The company’s one-of-a-kind “system agnostic” approach means that the SmartPan Pro technology can be integrated with a variety of delivery vending hardware designs which enables it to accommodate the many different products and packages available on the market today.  The SmartPan Pro showcases each product in brilliant, high resolution color images and designed the highly attractive media-driven platform to be locally or remotely addressable allowing for constant monitoring.

The SmartPan Pro can be used for a variety of restricted products, such as beer and alcohol, over-the-counter medications, or just about any age-restricted or inventory-controlled item where positive age-identification from the purchaser is required.

The SmartPan Pro Beverage Dispensing beer vending machine empowers sporting events and other venues to provide consumer self-service, while our unique finger-vein biometric access control prevents ID sharing, ensuring only authorized users can gain access to the products within.  Once a member has completed a one-time registration and has been verified, they can simply log into any SmartPan Pro Beverage Dispenser on the network using only their finger! 

With the SmartPan Pro Beverage Dispenser beer vending machine, the operator can regulate many different aspects of the sale, such as purchase limits and timeframe restrictions, as well as update prices or apply promo codes through the cloud based management system from any web-enabled PC or smartphone.

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