Synectics announces facial recognition integration with AnyVision
03 May 2019 11:11 GMT

British firm Synectics has established an integration partnership with AnyVision, a pioneer in AI-based facial, body, and object recognition.  

This allows users of Synectics' systems to utilize facial recognition data within its Synergy 3 command and control platform, and leverage this by combining with site-wide sub-systems data through the intelligent automation capabilities of the platform. This approach to combining and analyzing data from multiple systems in tandem with AnyVision's powerful technology will ultimately enable a more refined level of actionable intelligence not currently found in other surveillance systems available in the market.  

Commenting on the inspiration behind this collaboration, John Roessler, Vice President of Gaming at Synectics, said: "Synectics believes partnerships like this one with AnyVision create the foundation from which our business can adapt to changes in the marketplace and answers the call from our customers to provide cutting-edge solutions. Taking this approach also allows for increased return on investment not only for us, but, more importantly, for our customers and partners."

Greg Alcorn, Divisional Director at Synectics, added: "As we endeavor to deepen our business across key sectors – transportation, infrastructure, oil & gas, gaming, public space, and high security – partnering with the leading technology providers in our industry who have complementary solutions to ours will be a crucial strategic component."  

The partnership will immediately allow end users to leverage the capability of AnyVision within the Synergy 3 command and control platform, enhancing the platform's powerful situational awareness capabilities by marrying AI-driven facial recognition analysis with its suite of video, data, and alarm management tools.

Synergy 3 is used worldwide in sectors where surveillance is critical to business and security, from city surveillance, transportation hubs and networks, oil and gas installations, and CNI infrastructure, to high-security sites, casinos, and major public attractions.  

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