Seyfarth Shaw launches biometrics group
16 May 2019 16:16 GMT

US law firm Seyfarth Shaw LLP today announced the launch of its Biometrics Privacy Compliance & Litigation Group.

The firm said that as "a national leader in the biometric privacy space", Seyfarth was one of the first law firms to defend an employer in a lawsuit asserting violations under the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA).

Seyfarth said it has maintained a robust docket of biometric privacy class action cases across the country, in addition to partnering with clients to proactively address issues raised by biometric privacy laws through counseling and compliance efforts.

With more than 25 attorneys, Seyfarth’s multidisciplinary Biometrics Privacy Compliance & Litigation Group is one of the industry’s largest and most experienced, led by Labor & Employment attorneys Karla Grossenbacher and Thomas Ahlering.

“Today, more and more clients are turning to biometric technology in the workplace, while legislation across the country concerning biometric privacy continues to accelerate,” said Grossenbacher. “With this rapidly shifting landscape, advice from counsel that has significant experience with biometric privacy compliance issues is invaluable.”

“Beyond compliance challenges, we are uniquely positioned in defending both class action and labor and employment related litigation—helping clients navigate the novel litigation theories being tested in the courts for the first time in this cutting-edge area of the law,” explained Ahlering.

Based on this deep knowledge of the issues involved in compliance with biometric privacy laws and its unique track record in biometrics litigation, Seyfarth’s new Biometrics Privacy Compliance & Litigation Group features a team of experienced counselors, litigators, and strategists who work alongside clients in three core areas

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