Chooch AI facial authentication launched at connect:ID
20 May 2019 17:53 GMT

Chooch AI launched its turnkey Facial Authentication service and Mobile Facial Recognition Training at Connect ID 2019, April 29-May 1 in Washington DC.

This release of Chooch provides a facial recognition setup directly from iPhones and the Chooch dashboard with authentication service priced at just $2 per user per month. Enterprise pricing is available for organizations of more than 1000 employees.

Chooch was presented by CTO Hakan Gultekin and VP Federal Drew Fanning in several well received talks at the conference, resulting in over 100 leads.

“Facial Recognition can now be used with high accuracy in many applications with our neural network-based training platform,” said Hakan Gultekin, CTO and co-founder of Chooch. “Simply with your iPhone or through the desktop dashboard, you can train Chooch for biometric feature extraction and matching, and then with our API you can integrate with your existing security systems.”

Chooch allows facial authentication to be combined with other forms of identity management already in place, such as handprints and PINs, with interoperability facilitated by Chooch’s API. Organizations also use Chooch as a standalone solution for multifactor visual authentication such as matching vehicle license plate recognition, model-make of car and facial authentication in one stream. Each factor must match for automated entry.


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