Biometrics Institute calls for responsible practices
23 May 2019 12:20 GMT

The Biometrics Institute is urging organisations to make use of existing good practice guidelines to prevent public confidence being undermined in the application of biometrics with policing and counter-terrorist procedures.

And in response to recent headlines around the misuse of facial recognition technology, it warns that if technology is applied without properly addressing potential flaws, then regulators may opt to restrict usage until they - and industry - can ensure proper privacy protections.

The Institute has said it "plays a key role in informed, international discussion on the responsible and ethical use of biometrics and the limitations of the technology".

The Biometrics Institute has released a range of good practice guidelines to help organisations assess and implement responsible and ethical use in biometrics. It is now strongly recommending that organisations follow these guidelines to ensure biometrics are used appropriately.

These available guidelines have been compiled specifically for - and with the expertise of - the international member organisation's multi-stakeholder community. They include Privacy Guidelines , Ethical Principles for Biometrics, Top Ten Vulnerability Questions and the United Nations Compendium of Recommended Practices for the Responsible Use and Sharing of Biometrics in Counter-Terrorism .

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