Biometric smart card production reaches mass production milestone
16 July 2019 13:14 GMT

Idex has confirmed that one of its Asian customers has achieved cost-effective, mass production standards for biometric smart cards.  

This customer has established a strong reputation globally for their ability to manufacture and supply high-quality user authentication and transaction security solutions. Its customers range from financial institutions to governments and business enterprises. 

An initial production order has recently been placed with IDEX Biometrics to integrate its SmartFinger® dual-interface sensor within a secure access biometric smart card. This highly durable, cost-effective biometric smart card shares identical manufacturing properties with biometric payment cards.

The manufacturing line now has the maturity and capacity to quickly ramp production of biometric smart cards to millions of units, with very cost-effective, high-yield results.

CEO of IDEX Biometrics, Stan Swearingen, adds: “With the manufacturing standards achieved, and the capacity of the production line, I am confident that biometric smart cards are ready for mass production and volume delivery to customers. The ability to manufacture to these standards with our sensors will be a competitive differentiator for IDEX and will facilitate other card manufacturers around the world to follow.”