Vermont man wins fingerprint case
30 December 2019 15:33 GMT

A man has won an appeal before the Vermont Supreme Court over whether he has to provide fingerprints for a misdemeanor, reports local media..

Timothy Grant was cited by police for disorderly conduct and pleaded not guilty, and a judge required him to submit to fingerprinting, reports WCAX.

Grant argued that state law requires a case-by-case requirement of "good cause" and that the state's participation in an FBI fingerprint database does not alone give it blanket authority to provide fingerprints in all cases.

The high court agreed. In a ruling Friday, they said fingerprinting in every misdemeanor case is counter to the Legislature's direction, reported the newspaper.

"Whether this is a problem to be fixed, and whether the appropriate solution would be to authorize courts, without any showing of good cause, to order fingerprinting of those not currently subject to fingerprinting—namely, defendants whom the police may not arrest, for whom the State can show no good cause to fingerprint at arraignment, and whose only sentence is a fine or citation—is a policy question for the Legislature," the justices said.

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