GenKey supports Human Resource Management System in Niger
16 January 2020 16:18 GMT

The Government of Niger, with support from the World Bank, is embarking on a nationwide biometric registration of all its civil servants.

It will also include all students that benefit from grants as well as all retirees. Through a comprehensive biometric census, a clean database is being set up. Each entry is unique and its legitimacy has been verified. A secured card is then issued to all civil servants to prove their identity and status. A second phase will follow to select a Human Management Software that will make full use of the clean biometric database.

The project is managed by a team within the Ministry of Finance (PCDS), dedicated to programs that enhance the performance of the state and are financed and monitored by the World Bank.

GenKey is proud to have been awarded the contract for the first phase of this ambitious project and to supply its biometric solutions and technology. GenKey’s Necto, a complete biographic and biometric registration and verification solution, GenKey’s SPiRE, an Identity Management Solution capable of maintaining and managing individual Identity Profiles across different contexts as well as GenKey deduplication solution – ABIS, are part of the GenKey solution currently being used to enroll ultimately 400,000 civil servants, students and retirees.

“We are committed to helping PCDS to enhance the performance of the different ministries. Our biometric technology is a very effective tool to identify uniquely all beneficiaries of the state.”, said Michiel Loeff, GenKey CEO.

“Being able to ensure that the Government of Niger is only paying legitimate beneficiaries is essential and provides a quick return on investment for the project. Moreover, the biometric registration will allow some future applications to be deployed, such as proof of presence and biometric identification for sensitive access control,” said Claire Hanounou, Director of the PCDS.