Regula to train employees of Cyprus diplomatic missions
17 January 2020 16:58 GMT

Regula will supply over 20 video spectral comparators Regula 4305DMH to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus. The equipment will be used in the embassies and consulates of Cyprus abroad. And in this regard, on 13-16 January 2020 Regula expert Andrei Dumski is conducting training for the employees of Cyprus diplomatic missions abroad.

The training is provided for 2 groups (10 and 7 pers.). It focuses on the use of Regula 4305DMH for document verification and includes a workshop on ID cards. Furthermore, the employees of the Central Forensic Laboratory of the Cyprus Ministry of Interior have been invited to take part in the event. They are carrying out a short training session on basic document security features.

The event has gathered the employees of Cyprus diplomatic missions from Russia, South Africa, Qatar, Peru, Iran, China, the UK, UAE, Kuwait, Cuba, Ukraine, Oman, Egypt, Israel and Jordan.

The participants appraised the true value of Regula equipment in document verification processes and predicted with confidence that the comparators would be extremely useful for the procedures connected with issuing entry visas to Schengen countries.