EU seeks ‘clear criteria’ for use of biometrics
05 February 2020 17:36 GMT

A  leaked draft of the EU’s Artificial Intelligence strategy seen by EU-focused media EURACTIV reveals that the body is seeking “clear criteria” on any mass deployments of biometric AI tech.

But the document also scrapped the idea of a temporary ban on facial recognition technologies in public spaces, reported EURACTIV.

A lack of information about the use of biometric identification systems prohibits the Commission from making a broad analysis of the implications of this technology, which analyses a person’s physical features for computational purposes.

“This assessment will depend on the purpose for which the technology is used and on the safeguards in place to protect individuals,” the document states. “In case biometric data are used for mass surveillance, there must be clear criteria about which individuals should be identified.”

“Thus, the ecosystem of trust should give citizens the confidence to welcome artificial intelligence and give companies the legal certainty to innovate with artificial intelligence,” the paper states.

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