Biometric Security for SAP using SecuGen Fingerprint Readers
03 May 2012 13:45 GMT

SecuGen has announced the availability of biometric identity management and fraud prevention for SAP system users with the combination of SecuGen Hamster Plus and Hamster IV fingerprint readers and bioLock software from realtime North America.

SecuGen fingerprint scanners are fully compatible with bioLock software, which gives SAP users biometric control of sensitive system activities at granular levels, such as financial transfers, access to customer or vendor master data and viewing of confidential company reports or intellectual property. Biometric credentials can be re-authenticated when users request restricted information or perform mission-critical activities, using a SecuGen Hamster series reader combined with bioLock software.

The Hamster Plus and Hamster IV feature Auto-On, an Automatic Finger Placement Detection technology that checks for the presence of a finger without prompting. Recognition of difficult fingerprints, such as dry, wet, scarred or aged skin, has been enhanced with Smart Capture, which adjusts brightness to adjust for such conditions.

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