Credence ID extends mobile device management suite
09 July 2020 17:26 GMT

Credence ID, a  leader in mobile biometrics and credential reading technology, today announced the release of CredenceCONNECT Version 2.0, a powerful web-based management tool for mobile ID devices. Version 2.0 of CONNECT gives managers and administrators improved control, insight, and flexibility to dramatically improve the way they manage mobile ID devices deployed in the field.

Credence ID’s platform is capable of enrollment, identification and verification of subjects and devices can now be mapped, analyzed, and managed from any web browser. Interactive Google Maps enables administrators to see both where devices are physically located and where they have been within user-defined timeframes. Selecting a device within a map will now give managers the entire view of that terminal, including what software and version are running, how many enrollments, verifications and card reads have been executed, battery health and many other important metrics. CONNECT 2.0 admins are now be able to easily schedule and push updates to software running on devices including the OS, SDKs, APIs, and applications.

“Administrators of mobile ID terminals often underestimate the challenges of managing and supporting dozens, hundreds or thousands of devices that are in the field or about to be deployed,” said Yash Shah, Credence ID CTO. They have the difficult job of evaluating various SDKs, developing their applications, creating management tools to control how their terminals are performing and then they have to create deployment tools for commissioning the devices. And that’s just the pre-deployment phase. Then managers need to locate and support the devices in the field, remotely diagnose issues, and measure and report on performance. It’s a big job and CONNECT 2.0 is the only tool that anticipates these requirements for a healthy and successful deployment of mobile ID devices. It has never been easier to deploy flexible mobile ID solutions out-of-the-box and manage the entire lifecycle at such a granular level,” said Mr. Shah.

A CONNECT 2.0 subscription now also includes essential apps and utilities including:

LockDown to remotely lock an ID device, wipe all data from it or set it to KIOSK-Mode to limit an end-user’s ability to use unauthorized applications or install malware on a device.

VIBE which is an application for verification, identification and biometric enrollment.

CONNECT-Mobile to access device usage analytics, download apps, request licenses, review battery health and investigate device activity.

Notifications to provide administrators with alerts when a new user, group, device, application, or license is requested or added anywhere in their fleet

Additionally, Credence ID devices are now pre-integrated with industry leading biometric and smartcard SDKs which can be remotely licensed and activated using CONNECT from any web browser.

These new features give Credence partners the seamless ability to offer new business models to their end-customers. A partner can now provide their customers with a true “identity as a service model” such as plans that include a specified number of enrollments, verifications or card reads. Activity on the fleet of devices are auditable and reported directly to the Credence partner which can be easily imported into their billing or ERP system.


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