Canal View launches new thermal, face recognition system
22 July 2020 17:04 GMT

Canal View Houghton County, a nursing facility, is putting new procedures into place for employees. Starting this week when an employee enters the facility for their shift, they’ll now be screened by a new thermal face recognition system.

“This new system is state of the art. We are one of two facilities in the Upper Peninsula who currently have it,” said Kim Salmi, Administrator. “This new system will allow our facility to spot and send home any employee who may have a fever. This will also allow screeners to return to their normal positions. We are grateful for our employees who have been helping at our screening stations, but this will now allow them to get back to resident care.” Said Salmi.

Employees will check in by standing in front of the kiosk. The kiosk will then identify them by their face and simultaneously perform a thermal scan. It just takes a few seconds and it’s contactless. The systems camera can recognize a face with a 99 percent accuracy even while having facial hair, glasses or masking.

“The new system will store our employee’s photos in a database, “Salmi said. “As masking is the new normal, the system will be able to use features from the photos to recognize our employees while ensuring that they are masking appropriately.”

Canal View is also completing weekly COVID-19 testing of employees and residents. Salmi is pleased to announce that testing was completed last week, and all tests have come back negative. “We are extremely proud of the efforts made by our staff to keep themselves and our residents safe in the fight against COVID-19,” said Salmi. “We are in this together, and I’m proud of the team at Canal View for their diligent efforts.”

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