Google adds biometric security features to Chrome
03 August 2020 15:19 GMT

Google has rolled out security tools to protect the financial info and passwords you saved with Chrome’s autofill feature.

One allows users to verify your identity using biometric information, such as your fingerprint, whenever you want to use your credit card online.

Currently, autofill requires you to type in your card’s CVC every time you use it. But if you choose to switch on biometric authentication — it’s completely optional and can be found in Chrome’s Settings page — you only have to type in your CVC the first time you use a card.

Chrome’s new credit card autofill feature builds on its support for WebAuthn, a biometric authentication standard. This is the same technology that allowed Google to start letting users log into some of its services without needing a password at all last year.

Google says the new credit card autofill feature is already available on Windows and Mac. Both features, including the password autofill dialog, will be rolling out to Chrome on Android in the coming weeks.


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