Fingerprint Cards launches solution for the PC market
11 August 2020 10:20 GMT

Biometrics company, Fingerprint Cards has launched a new solution for the PC market. Following several successful integrations in Chromebooks, biometric authentication is in increased demand as a more convenient and secure authentication method for both consumer and enterprise PCs. Fingerprints’ new solution is tailored for use across a growing number of different form factors and use cases including notebooks, 2-in-1 convertibles, and PC accessories.

The firm expects the first PCs integrating this new offering to be launched during 2020.

The software solution is compatible with Windows 10 operating system and can be used in combination with a broad range of Fingerprints’ touch sensors. It interfaces with Windows Hello and is compliant with Microsoft Enhanced Sign-in (SecureBio), meeting both the biometrics and security requirements of Microsoft.

Fingerprints’ portfolio of compatible touch sensors is available in various shapes, coatings and customizable colors to support different designs and placements. This could include being built into the power button, placed on the side, on the palm rest, or even on the keyboard.

“Market demand for biometrics within the PC market is growing, providing the perfect way to add convenient and secure authentication,” comments Ted Hansson, SVP Business Line Mobile at Fingerprints. “These solutions allow PC users, weather for personal or business purposes, to use their fingerprints to safely store their credentials and authenticate themselves with Windows Hello to unlock their PC, login, or make secure payments. All, crucially, without the hassle of using passwords or PIN codes which are easily forgotten and offer a second-rate user experience.”

Fingerprints’ research reveals the majority of consumers (66%) are tired of PINs and passwords, with 41% admitting to using the same password across services and apps. Meanwhile, 51% would prefer using biometrics to authenticate themselves.

The consumer PC solution is available today for commercial integration. The solution for enterprise PC is available today for sample and demonstration and will reach commercial status during Q4 this year.

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*FRR = false rejection rate measures how often the sensor will wrongfully reject the valid biometric in the matching algorithm

**FAR = false acceptance rate measures how often the sensor will statistically provide a positive match without the right biometric data

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