Concentrix releases advanced biometrics solution
13 August 2020 19:08 GMT

Concentrix, a leading global Customer Experience Solutions Company, today announced SecureCX, the CX BPO industry’s newest Work-at-Home (WAH) platform that provides next generation security features for WAH environments.

The global shift to remote working has accelerated the necessity for highly secure, off-premise systems access to ensure the same level of security as that of an on-premise office environment.

SecureCX, Concentrix’ proprietary platform, provides advanced digital tools and technology for remote employee monitoring.  Key features of SecureCX include biometric authentication/identification (facial recognition), monitoring for mobile phone, shoulder surfing, background noise and the presence of any nearby recording devices or ports.

The fully hosted solution can integrate with WFM tools and includes flexible business rules which can be customized based on client requirements.  SecureCX is supported by centralized, 24×7 monitoring for immediate alerts and resolution with automated actions for screen lockouts as well as real-time alerts and historical dashboarding.

SecureCX represents the future of security in both on-premise and work-at-home environments,” said Chris Caldwell, Concentrix President.  “We will continue to invest in evolving technology that ensures the highest possible level of security for our clients and their confidential business information.