Serbian police deny using face recognition
26 August 2020 13:08 GMT

Serbian Police Director Vladimir Rebić rejected as "absolutely untrue" the allegations that the Ministry of Internal Affairs uses a face recognition system.

Rebić has discussed the topic with the Commissioner for Information, Milan Marinović, about the importance of using video surveillance system to increase the security of citizens and their property, but also the use of biometric data through that system.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, the officials decided that the introduction of modern technologies in order to fight crime is important, but that it must be harmonized with the legal regulations.

Marinovic said that the existing video surveillance system, which was set up in Belgrade, was used in accordance with the law, which was stated in the Commissioner's report, after the surveillance procedure was conducted at the Police Administration for the city of Belgrade last year.

The commissioner added that it is necessary to establish an appropriate legal framework for the processing of biometric data, ie for the use of identification of persons using the video surveillance system, while the director of police stated that the MUP, "as before", will use the video surveillance system exclusively in accordance with law. .

During the conversation, it was assessed that the mentioned method of data processing, which has been established in some of the most developed democratic countries, could give results in identifying the perpetrators of the most serious crimes.

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