Aware launches new version of Knomi
03 September 2020 17:00 GMT

 Aware, a leading global provider of biometrics software products, solutions and services, today announced the release of Knomi D version 2.7.3—an enhanced version of the on-device variant of Aware's market-leading Knomi product offering.

Knomi is a mobile biometric authentication framework that uses face and voice to enable secure and convenient multifactor authentication without passwords. The version released today completely enhances this framework on the mobile device. Designed for those applications that may have inconsistent or limited network connectivity, Knomi D ensures the greatest flexibility for customers regardless of geographic location or network availability. Consistent with the rest of the Knomi line, Knomi D meets the most stringent requirements for privacy and security.

The Knomi D API design is the same as the widely used Knomi S (server-centric) giving both the high-quality accuracy and usability that users have come to trust from Aware.

"We are pleased to introduce an enhanced version of our on-device solution, Knomi D," stated Rob Mungovan, chief commercial officer at Aware. "We place a strategic emphasis on offering our customers a flexible approach to their facial recognition and authentication needs. This upgrade furthers the Knomi line so that regardless of the implementation a customer chooses—server-centric, browser-based or on-device—they have the ability to balance passwordless security with convenient usability."

The Knomi offering includes Aware's leading liveness detection (anti-spoofing), which is designed to ensure that the facial image or voice sample presented is that of a live human, and not a spoof such as paper photos, digital stills, videos, masks, voice recordings or synthetic speech.

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