Biometric Signature ID partners with Edutacs
07 September 2020 18:28 GMT

Biometric Signature ID (BSI), a leading developer of ID authentication for web accessed accounts and devices, has announced a new partnership with Educational Technology Company Limited (Edutacs) a pioneer in learning technologies & engineering solutions in Saudi Arabia.

BSI and Edutacs will provide ID verification solutions and services that enhance online learning in corporate and university–based classrooms and industrial training centers.

The challenge with online learning has been verifying that the registered student/user is the one actually doing the work and receiving the credit. BSI and its patented technology BioSig-ID™ and BioSight-ID™ will meet these needs in the Middle east.

“We are very excited to work with Edutacs as we explore ways to expand the use of BSI’s solutions into universities and corporations throughout the Middle East,” said Jeff Maynard, CEO, President and Founder BSI. “Online learning creates cheating and fraud opportunities and it is paramount that we look for ways to combat this growing problem.”

BioSig-ID uses gesture biometrics to authenticate the identity of a user remotely. Users draw a four-character password with a finger or mouse on any device and verifies it’s you based on your unique drawing patterns. BioSig-ID stops cheating and fraud by creating a locked door that requires the user to draw their password instead of a typed password. Users must match their enrollment pattern. If a “helper” knows your password it will not work since they must duplicate the same way you DRAW your password (speed, length, direction, angles).

BioSight-ID is a Remote Proctoring solution that monitors students using Face Anonymization via a web cam to prevent the collection of personal information that could lead to identity theft, versus solutions that collect and sell user data.

“We’re very excited to partner with an innovative company at the forefront of biometric authentication,” said Abdul Muhssen H. Al Gahtani Executive Vice President, HAKA Group, Edutacs’ parent organization. “BSI offers several unique solutions that not only help to deter cheating and fraud, but also provide a means of monitoring the user in a privacy sparring way that protects sensitive information. We look forward to introducing BSI’s solutions and service into the market as they will be well received throughout the Middle East.”


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