TrueID spots biometric trends during COVID-19
14 September 2020 17:36 GMT

TrueID, a leading biometric-based identity solutions provider has discussed the top biometric trends for 2020 during the COVID – 19 pandemic. These outlines on trends are purely on their work experience and the projects TrueID is working on. There is clearly a market shift towards touchless biometrics during the coronavirus pandemic. During the pandemic, there has been an increase in the use of biometrics.

Touchless biometrics such as facial and iris recognition devices are on huge demand as they provide a secure and hygienic way of accessing the area. The cost of these devices is slightly higher than the traditional approaches, however as the situation demands, we at TrueID foresee a much more increased demand for facial and iris solutions.

Behavioural Biometrics is the next buzz word in biometrics. It is governed by a dynamic approach driven by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep learning which involves gathering and processing large data sets. Physical biometrics technologies such as iris, finger, and facial recognition are based primarily on a static procedure of measuring points obtained from fixed images, whereas Behavioural Biometrics identifies people according to how they interact with online applications and devices.

Chipping in his thoughts, Mr. CH Chandra Sekhar, Director at TrueID, said, “We at TrueID are seeing a drastic shift towards integrating biometrics with more types of devices which results in new innovations and an additional layer of security during the pandemic time. Integrations provide an opportunity for organizations to authenticate their workforce, vendors working from home or in their workplace.”


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