Iris ID on their new IrisTime
16 September 2020 09:47 GMT

Planet Biometrics caught up with Iris ID Systems's vice president pf Global Business Development and Sales, Mohammed Murad, to learn about their new IrisTime product.

Can you tell our readers what breakthroughs led to the development of IrisTime?

IrisTime iT100 is designed to bring connectivity, open architecture, ease of use and fusion of iris and face technologies.  IrisTime iT100 additionally offers a unique development platform for independent software vendors (ISV) app development and integration.  If an ISV wants to integrate the device into an existing infrastructure and use the App that is on the device provided by Iris ID, they can use the REST API’s.  The REST API’s provide complete access to device management, user management and transactions.  In most cases this is sufficient to deliver workforce management solutions.  We also provide an Android SDK that allows ISVs to develop Apps that can be installed on the IrisTime iT100.  This functionally is a paradigm shift in the time clock business.  This functionally provides complete customization on the device level that no other time clock offers.  Now customers can demand Apps that fit their business, not the other way around.  IrisTime iT100 will revolutionize the way our customers use the biometric technologies.  

What trends was IrisTime designed to address?

Today, customers are demanding fast, non-contact, secure and accurate biometric and technologies that offer HR information to the employees at their fingertips rather than making a trip to HR offices.  

Our goal was to build a product that is flexible, configurable and scalable.  We have designed the IrisTime iT100 to support legacy solutions and allow customers to think about future Apps.  It can be considered as a true end-point device that can interface with the users to provide all the information employees need to manage their work lives.  Depending on the Apps and level of information integration, employees can recall the numbers of hours worked, how much vacation time is left and the status of 401K plans.  

Why choose now to launch IrisTime, given the global situation? 

We have been seeing a constant growth for iris solutions in time and attendance applications. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the demand for these solutions.  We are very excited to introduce the IrisTime brand focusing on time and attendance applications.  The product has all the functionality to connect with any access control solution, however our focus is time and attendance. The product is developed on an open Android platform to build an eco-system of app providers and integrators to deliver world class time and attendance applications.

We chose Android because it is widely available and there are already many developers with great ideas ready to adopt into new Apps.  We built IrisTime™ iT100 to provide connectivity, and the most accurate non-contact biometric in a tablet format to deliver world class Apps.

What sectors do you expect will see biggest take-up of IrisTime?

As mentioned earlier, our focus for IrisTime iT100 is for time and attendance solutions.  There are millions of old biometric technologies installed that need to be replaced with non-contact solutions.  We are offering technologies that will accelerate the adoption of iris recognition solutions. 

Do you see iris-based solutions permeating into new markets?

Absolutely, we see the demand for a fast, non-contact and accurate solution. Our approach is to offer an open platform where Android App developers can take IrisTime iT100 and create a custom-developed solution that will impact the adoption of biometrics in all markets.  


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