Solution enables biometrics dating
23 September 2020 16:28 GMT

The Meet Group, a leading provider of interactive dating solutions, has announced the beginning of a phased rollout of the first completely AI-powered face verification badge used in any major dating application. The verification badge, which leverages FaceTec's 3D selfie technology, thwarts bots by requiring a human liveness check, ensuring the authenticity of millions of users. The verification badges are rolling out to MeetMe members this week and will roll out on Skout and Tagged in the coming months.

The verification badge, which will be displayed on member profiles once activated, will be shown only after FaceTec’s AI software has confirmed that the user is physically present in front of the camera. Placed on the top right of a profile picture, the badge will signal to other members that the person has been verified, indicating authenticity. As badge adoption increases, it will become a prerequisite for certain activities like sending photos in chat. Additionally, FaceTec’s AI provides a 3D age estimation for each verified user, allowing the platform to flag potentially underage accounts, another tool to keep underage users off of its popular dating applications.

“At the beginning of this year, I set forth our commitment to safer dating in 2020, addressing key issues affecting dating apps everywhere: Authenticity, Age Estimation, Device Blocking, and Textual Screening,” said Geoff Cook, Chief Executive Officer of The Meet Group. “With the launch of the Profile Verification Badge on MeetMe, we are promoting authenticity with what we believe to be the most comprehensive verification solution in the dating industry. Currently, the verification badge indicates liveness, but as the feature is adopted, we will also begin comparing the profile photo to the 3D Selfie that was used to confirm Liveness. This proves that the person in the profile photos is the one posting them -- helping to ensure authenticity and end catfishing.”

Profile verification is one of many safety initiatives The Meet Group has made this year as part of the company’s commitment to safer dating and continuous improvement. Other initiatives include teaming with URSafe so The Meet Group members can stay connected in an emergency, collaborating with Microsoft on Project Artemis which uses common textual patterns and an age detection engine to prevent child exploitation, the introduction of a Safer Dating Advisory Board of epidemiologists and infectious disease experts to provide advice aimed at reducing the risk of contagion while dating, and implementing DeviceCheck to block bad actors’ devices.

“As a leader in safer dating, we seek to set the industry standard, leveraging new technologies to make our applications the best place to meet and date,” continued Cook.

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