Provema and iDenfy announce strategic partnership
07 October 2020 17:04 GMT

iDenfy, a identity verification solution provider based in Lithuania, plans to partner with Provema, a Polish tech firm that allows individuals and businesses to get a loan online.

iDenfy will help Provema verify whether or not a borrower's ID is forged or tampered in any way. Their AI-enabled verification solution can run-in depth analysis and recognizes facial biometrics over 128 different points.

Since Provema allows people to apply for a loan using their smartphone and desktop, a remote identity verification solution from iDenfy will prove quite useful in minimizing the identity thefts and other frauds. Furthermore, it will make the onboarding journey hassle-free.

With iDenfy's identity verification solution, Provema doesn't need to meet their customers physically merely to authenticate their identity. iDenfy will help them do that remotely in real-time because the company turns customers' devices into a 24/7 ID verification terminal and face recognition system. 

By partnering with iDenfy, Provema will make its loan and online payment process smooth without compromising security. Besides this, it will also help them comply with regulations like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Anti Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC), etc.

Provema believes that iDenfy's remote identity verification service is an ideal solution to minimize the risk of frauds and help loanees prove their authentication from the comfort of their homes.

iDenfy, on the other hand, is pleased to enter into this partnership. Domantas Ciulde, the CEO of iDenfy, says, "We are pleased to work with Provema, and we are sure that our verification solutions will help them make the onboarding journey smooth and offer their customer a secure environment."


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