FacePhi to partner with HancomWITH
13 October 2020 15:42 GMT

FacePhi's biometric recognition will make the leap to HancomWITH, a leading company in digital forensics and mobile devices. The Spanish company has gained the trust of the cybersecurity experts of the Korean multinational, who will begin to access their personnel profiles using a facial authentication system instead of the usual passwords.

Thus, Hancom Group professionals can use FacePin which is newly upgraded with facial authentication based on Selphi software, developed by FacePhi. Thanks to this technology, the personnel of the Asian company will be able to identify themselves simply by showing themselves in front of the camera of their own computers, using their face as a unique and unrepeatable key to enter the system.

Dongpyo Hong, General Manager of FacePhi Asia-Pacific highlights that “HancomWith has been leading the Authentication solution business with differentiated security technology by corresponding the rapidly changing market environment.”

“FacePin implementation by HancomWITH offers us a good opportunity to provide facial authentication solution with advanced security and user experience not only in the Korean market but also in other Asian markets where HancomWITH has a presence”.

From the Samsung hospital to leader in digital forensic analysis solutions

The agreement between FacePhi and HancomWITH comes at a time of rapid expansion in Korea for the Spanish technology company. The company landed in the first quarter of the year in the Asian country thanks to a facial recognition project for patients at the Kangbuk Samsung Hospital in Seoul, and shortly after it has developed a digital onboarding system for one of the most powerful financial entities in Korea. With this milestone behind them, the company makes the leap to a new sector.

Javier Mira, CEO of FacePhi, highlights the value of having the trust of a company like HancomWITH, since “collaborating with a large company specialized in cybersecurity is a very important support for companies and citizens to increasingly use these identity verification solutions. With proper implementation and the prior user’s consent, biometric recognition can become the preferred option for different areas such as banking, healthcare or even retail”.


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