Interpaylink and iDenfy to partner
14 October 2020 17:02 GMT

Interpaylink, an online payment company that offers services like multi currency accounts, will partner with identity verification solution provider iDenfy. 

iDenfy is a popular Lithuania-based identity verification firm that offers AI-enabled advanced verification solutions to individuals and businesses worldwide. Till now, the company has worked with more than 100 global brands. They make the online identity verification process exceptionally easy by turning their customers' devices into a robust face recognition and ID verification system.

Interpaylink's mobile app is integrated with iDenfy, making it easier for them to onboard customers from Asia and Europe seamlessly. iDenfy takes a picture of the clients and their ID documents and checks if they are tampered or forged and then transmits data to interpaylink's server within a few minutes.

iDenfy's ID document detection solution can analyze 1,300 types of ID documents from more than 200 countries. It means no matter which Asian country Interpaylink's customers are in, they will be able to verify their identities.

Interpaylink believes that this partnership will make the onboarding process frictionless for them and their Asia-pacific client.

Gvidas Grinkas, the CEO of Interpaylink, says “I’m sincerely happy for choosing iDenfy. The quality of the outsourced iDenfy service we get matches the quality of such world known brands as DowJones we use for PEP/Sanctions screening. And we are looking to long term cooperation with iDenfy’s friendly and helpful team”.

iDenfy is very much pleased with this partnership. Domantas Ciulde, the CEO of iDenfy, states that they're excited about the new partnership. It's their honor to be partnering with such a renowned global payment company. He further says, "We promise that we will strive to provide the best identity verification solution so that Interpaylink can go beyond all geographical borders to offer their online payment services".

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