ID R&D partners with Red Box
19 October 2020 15:46 GMT

ID R&D, which provides voice biometrics for mobiles and contact centres as well as a unique passive facial liveness for face biometrics, announced that it is partnering with Red Box through an integration with Red Box’s Conversa - the newly launched and first truly open microservices-based, enterprise voice platform. The partnership will lower barriers to using a customer’s natural conversational voice as a rapid and frictionless authentication method in the contact centre.

Until now, capturing audio in real-time for voice biometric authentication has required complex and expensive backend integration. Furthermore, most installed call recording systems do not provide unfettered access to audio in real-time. The combination of ID R&D’s advanced Text Independent Voice Verification and Conversa’s revolutionary event-driven and globally extensible architecture makes it vastly easier and less expensive to implement real-time, passive biometric authentication from multiple different contact centre platforms, including Cisco, Avaya, and Genesys.

With Conversa, customers have real-time access to and sovereignty of high-quality, speaker separated voice conversations between agents and customers, unlike other solutions that lock contact centres into inaccessible, proprietary call recording systems. With this simplified access, ID R&D’s voice biometric requires less than a second to create a voice template from the customer’s voice and compare it to the voice template on file to check for a match. Using ID R&D’s voice biometrics, callers are typically authenticated within a few seconds of starting their conversation with an agent.

Compared to knowledge-based authentication (KBA) where agents must ask the caller questions, the voice biometrics solution saves up to 30 seconds of agent handling time and results in immediate ROI. In addition to being time-intensive for agents, KBA is frustrating for callers and easy for criminals to thwart through social engineering tactics.

Voice biometric matching, something the user “is”, combined with a factor such as the device as a token, something the user “has”, results in strong security to reduce account takeovers and other forms of fraud. Unlike passwords or even device-specific biometrics that are embedded on a user’s mobile device, an enterprise-grade voice biometric solution is a form of authentication that cannot be forgotten and does not change should the user acquire a new device. This closes gaps that fraudsters readily exploit.

In addition to being more secure, voice biometric authentication is ultra-convenient for users and equally effortless for agents. This is particularly important as COVID has resulted in increased call volumes and strain on agents. The solution can also be deployed within an IVR to facilitate self-service and further reduce agent talk time. Additionally, with more call centre agents working remotely, the solution can be used to authenticate agent identities.


“Using biometrics in the contact centre has been complex and expensive,” said John Amein, SVP, ID R&D. “Together with Red Box, we are lowering barriers to adoption so that more companies can benefit from state-of-the-art biometric security and improved customer experience.”


“Conversa provides customers with a gateway to cutting-edge AI Voice technologies, offering unparalleled capture performance from across the enterprise and delivered as a single global application stack,” comments Pete Ellis, CPO. ”We’re delighted to be partnering with ID R&D to provide customers with simplified access to advanced voice biometric technology, whilst significantly reducing TCO.”