Sentry Enterprises and Ambiq Micro partner on Sentry Card
20 October 2020 16:29 GMT

Sentry Enterprises, a U.S. based manufacturer of converged biometric identification solutions, has selected Ambiq Micro’s Apollo3 Blue microprocessor (MCU) family to integrate into the third generation of its SentryCard platform, a state-of-the-art converged biometric credential for physical entry, logical access and proximity detection.

The biometric SentryCard replaces standalone solutions while leveraging an end-user’s existing physical access control infrastructure, supporting multiple industry-standard protocols. Apollo3 Blue MCU family, including the newest Apollo3 Blue Thin, will enable Sentry Enterprises’ SentryCard platform to address the increased market demand for enhanced security across every industry vertical.

“Ambiq’s Apollo3 Blue MCUs provide a robust, yet low power solution, enhancing the security and processing power within our platform. The latest Apollo3 Blue Thin’s size is critical when designing an ISO-specified smartcard like the SentryCard,” said Mark Bennett, CEO of Sentry Enterprises.

“We are excited to partner with Sentry Enterprises. The Apollo3 Blue family of microcontrollers will enable the SentryCard the most energy-efficient sensor processing solutions at a farther distance with the lowest active power consumption in the market today,” said Aaron Grassian, Vice President of sales Ambiq.

The Apollo3 Blue family of MCUs inside the SentryCard features an ultra-low power 32-bit ARM Cortex M4 processor that optimizes both active and sleep mode power. Power consumption is as low as 6uA/MHz, offering the efficiency to meet the battery constrained processing needs of the SentryCard™ to provide for extremely long product life.

The SentryCard platform offers highly secure, frictionless access and the highly sought-after biometric authentication methods that are now on the agendas of large multinational enterprises.

Sentry’s first-of-its-kind converged biometric credential launched in Q3 2020 and began shipping through its channel-partners in Q4 2020.

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