Fingerprint Cards announces design win with PC maker
22 October 2020 16:41 GMT

Fingerprint Cards announced that the company has been awarded a design win by one of the world’s top PC manufacturers, with a product launch planned for Q1 2021. Unit sales during 2021 for the models in question are expected to fall in the single-digit million range.

For consumer and enterprise PCs alike, biometric authentication is in increased demand as a more convenient and secure way of accessing the device. PCs from Acer, Asus, Google, HP, Huawei, Microsoft, and Samsung have already been launched with our fingerprint sensors, and we expect to see strong growth in this segment in the coming years. As previously disclosed, we estimate the number of PCs shipped every year to remain at ~260 million units, and that approximately two-thirds of these devices, i.e. ~170 million units, will have a fingerprint touch sensor by 2026. Fingerprints’ aspiration is to lead this market with a share of up to ~40 percent.

“I am very pleased with this design win, which I believe illustrates the strength of Fingerprints’ offering for the PC market. We are poised for continued growth in this segment, providing the perfect way to add convenient and secure authentication to PCs, thus doing away with the hassle of using insecure passwords and PINs,” comments Haiyuan Bu, VP Customer Engineering & Sales at Fingerprints.

* Fingerprints’ definition of Design Win (DW): The decision by a device vendor (OEM or ODM) to start development of one or several commercial product(s) incorporating Fingerprints’ technology into such new product(s).

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