Nuance announces Dragon ID voice biometrics for mobile
05 June 2012 21:53 GMT

Nuance Communications has announced Dragon ID, a voice biometrics technology designed to let people quickly unlock mobile devices and consumer electronics using their voice. Dragon ID could enable manufacturers to secure and personalize access to phones, tablets, apps and PCs with a simple spoken word or phrase.

People rely on their mobile devices and tablets to hold contact information, text messages, work and personal emails, notes and photos, confidential documents. According to Nuance, people rely on cumbersome passcodes and pins - or worse - nothing at all, to access their mobile devices. According to a recent consumer survey by Nuance, 96% of respondents stated they often make mistakes typing their passwords on their mobile phones.

With Dragon ID, people create a spoken password or passphrase, offering a secure and convenient way to "wake-up"? and access devices. For instance, just saying "Hello Dragon" can securely turn on a device and instantly launch a personalized home screen with favorite apps and content - even on shared devices like tablets or PCs.

Dragon ID is available for consumer device OEMs, initially supporting English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean for Android and other platforms, with additional language availability in 2012.