SuperCom launches $1.2m Latvia project
01 December 2020 16:15 GMT

SuperCom, a global provider of secured solutions for the e-Government, IoT and Cybersecurity sectors, announced today it has launched a new 5-year contract with the national government of Latvia, valued at approximately $1.2 million, to deploy its enhanced PureSecurity Electronic Monitoring (EM) Suite, including both RF House Arrest and GPS tracking. This launch reflects the progression of the competitive tender win in Latvia previously announced, and the successful completion of the standstill and appeal period as well as contract negotiations and execution.

The nationwide program with the Ministry of Justice of Latvia is set to cover all cases nationwide requiring electronic monitoring of offenders using both RF House Arrest and GPS Tracking solutions. SuperCom has begun deployment of its enhanced PureSecurity product suite introducing many enhancements and new capabilities which have been developed over the past years.

The project was won through a formal government-led bid process, including three companies, in which SuperCom was awarded the highest number of points for the quality portion of the RFP, including technology and solution, in addition to the overall highest score. The project will be billed at a monthly lease rate and is expected to start generating steady-state recurring revenues within a few months.

"We are pleased to announce yet another project launch in Europe for our EM business after a 5-year-long successful EM program which we have deployed and serviced in Latvia. In the previous program, the Latvian Probation Services was pioneering EM in the country, and we were honored to assist them in implementing this new technology and framework for their nation. We are happy to be launching another 5-year project, with a broader set of technical capabilities. This emphasizes the increasing needs for outstanding technology in this industry as well as the continued confidence existing customers have in our solutions," said company President and CEO Arie Trabelsi.

"This new project is another signal that more and more Electronic Monitoring enabling countries, in Europe, in North America, and throughout other regions of the world are turning to SuperCom's technology to support their public safety efforts. This also reflects a greater overall shift to a more modernized, effective approach towards alternatives to incarceration and an emphasis on offenders' successful re-entry into society," concluded Arie Trabelsi.

SuperCom's PureSecurity Suite is a best-of-breed electronic monitoring and tracking platform, which contains a comprehensive set of innovative features, including smart phone integration, secure communication, advanced security, anti-tamper mechanisms, fingerprint biometrics, voice communication, unique touch screens and extended battery life.

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