Patent of the Month - Microsoft supplements biometric ID with device ID
18 July 2012 17:12 GMT

July 2012 Patent of the Month

Planet Biometrics has forged a partnership with Honnorat Recherches & Services to bring our readers a "patent of the month". The patent we introduce this month is filed by Microsoft and seeks to supplement biometric identification with device identification, such as a mobile phone, vehicle or medical implant.

According to Microsoft, biometrics are often computationally intensive to compute, inaccurate, and unable to scale to identify an individual  among  a  large  set  of  known  individuals. Therefore,  argues Microsoft, the  biometric  identification  of  an  individual  may  be supplemented by identifying one or more devices associated with the individual.

When  an individual  is  registered  for  identification, various  device identifiers  of  devices  associated  with  the  individual may be stored along with the biometrics of the individual. Individuals
may  then  be  identified  using  both  biometrics  and  detected device  identifiers,  thereby  improving  the  efficiency,  speed, accuracy, and scalability of the identification.

To access the patent, please click on the file below.


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