Intel to bring biometrics to life
12 September 2012 19:55 GMT

Bringing biometrics to life

Intel has released advance details of its Haswell computer chips, which are due for release in the middle of next year. As expected there is an emphasis on the chips being thinner, faster and less power hungry. But the company also noted that the new technology will help bring the highly parallelisable tasks of facial and voice recognition, gesture recognition and augmented reality to life.

One version of the processors will run at 10 watts. This is about half as much as its current Ivy Bridge design.

Speaking at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, David (Dadi) Perlmutter invited the developer community to work with Intel to bring the next wave of perceptual computing capability to Intel Core-based platforms with the release of the company's first Intel Perceptual Computing Software Development Kit (SDK) beta. The SDK will enable hardware and software developers to enhance the use of facial and voice recognition on existing and future Intel Core processor-based Ultrabook systems and PCs.

Intel says it is working with speech-recognition company Nuance to create a software kit to help developers best unlock the chips' potential.