NICE real-time authentication selected by VPBank
29 April 2021 17:26 GMT

NICE has announced that Vietnam Prosperity Joint-Stock Commercial Bank (VPBank) has selected NICE Real-Time Authentication (RTA) to enhance call security, prevent fraud and improve customer experiences.

VPBank’s adoption of NICE’s self-service authentication for its interactive voice response (IVR) services will simplify contact center call system management and increase IVR containment, resulting in a reduction of interaction volume to live agents. This will empower VPBank to authenticate up to 10,000 customers a day in the IVR as well as reduce average handle time (AHT) by 20-30 seconds, boosting customer experiences on live agent calls.

As one of Vietnam's largest private banks and one of the ten largest private enterprises in the country, VPBank handles approximately five million interactions annually from customers in the retail, SMB and corporate sectors. VPBank will leverage NICE’s single voiceprint capability to authenticate the customers on live conversation, IVR and mobile. The reduction in average handle times delivered by NICE’s solution will improve productivity, increase contact center efficiency and optimize operational costs for VPBank. Fully system agnostic, the NICE RTA voice biometrics solution is easy to integrate with the bank’s existing contact center platform.

Based on voice biometrics, NICE RTA automatically verifies a caller’s claimed identity within seconds through natural conversation. Seamless and transparent to customers, the solution’s single voiceprint technology addresses VPBank’s need to secure its communications across multiple channels. The solution allows verification without time-consuming, repetitive and intrusive measures. An out-of-the-box solution, NICE RTA includes consent and user management, in-built reporting and comprises innovative capabilities such as a single voiceprint and one-time historical enrollment that enable authentication across any channel and from day one respectively.

Tran Thi Lien, Head of Contact Center 247 - Operation Division, VPBank, said, “Accurate, transparent and quick authentication is crucial to efficient bank processes as well as an investment in positive customer experiences and loyalty. Our customers deserve a proven, innovative authentication solution that efficiently and seamlessly safeguards their interests, and that’s why we decided to implement NICE RTA at our contact center.

Darren Rushworth, President of NICE APAC, said, “VPBank’s decision to adopt NICE RTA for IVR-based automated authentication comes as the financial services industry is facing a growing need to take measures against fraud in the ever-expanding area of digital commerce. The NICE voice biometrics-based solution is a leader in producing value for institutions like VPBank, ensuring seamless, extraordinary customer experiences while preventing losses from fraud. We’re proud to help VPBank stay on the cutting edge of innovative capabilities to safeguard customers and their business.”

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