Airports: a mirror for future biometrics?
25 October 2012 15:57 GMT

Are humanoid robots the future of border controls? Could the whole experience from getting a passport, buying a ticket, dropping of luggage and being pre-cleared for travel, shopping at and being monitored at the airport and on aircraft to leaving the destination airport be automated in user-friendly, secure, acceptable and visible ways?

Robots to welcome arrivals and avatar kiosks managed remotely to help passengers find their way around are used at many international and low-cost airline airport hubs.  Advanced passenger screening and automated border controls to check biometric passports are common. Pre-registered clearance and trusted, premium traveller programmes accelerate security checks and may reduce queueing  as well as offering new sales opportunities.  All increasingly depend on biometric information exchange and not using biometrics simply as a security tool for physical access controls. What will the future bring?

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This article is provided by Prof. Juliet Lodge, a Member of the Privacy Committee of the Biometrics Institute and writes in her personal capacity.  She has published widely on EU politics, internal security, biometrics, ethics and privacy, and cross border information exchange and been a partner in the BEST, R4eGov, and ICT ethics projects co-funded by the EU Commission. She has also presented evidence to the LIBE Committee of the European Parliament and to national parliaments on these issues.