Biometric thumbs up by travellers
21 December 2012 12:25 GMT

Thumbs up for biometrics in border control

A new survey by IATA - the International Air Transport Association - has found that most travelers are receptive to the idea of using biometrics within the border control process. In particular technologies which allowed them to automate the travel process was preferred.

The survey used social media to reach a target audience of nearly 3,000 respondents from over 110 countries and was conducted in June 2012. Respondents came from 17% North America, 36% Europe, 17% Asia Pacific, 21% South America, 9% Middle East and Africas.

The survey found that 37% prefer not to have a boarding pass and would use some form of biometrics as a boarding token when traveling with hand baggage only.

Meanwhile, 71% said they prefer to use self-boarding gate devices and self-scan their mobile phone when boarding. Additionally some 77% said they were comfortable to use biometrics if available - the lowest comfort level was seen in Europe, although even there the percentage was still close to 70%.

Other interesting findings include: 51% consider 5-10 minutes an acceptable queuing time at security screening. Meanwhile the most frustrating element of security screening is queuing time followed by removing shoes, belts and other personal effects. 73% are willing to share personal background information with governments in order to speed up security screening.